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Alyson Lupo

A Fascination With Texture

Hi, I’m Alyson Lupo. I created my persona, real life+curly girl, at a time when I finally didn’t hate my hair anymore. 

I always knew I had ‘frizzy’ hair. ‘Poofy’ hair. Sound familiar? I knew there were wavy-curly shapes in there, but they were easy to blow out…until I had two little girls. After that, my hair decided it would no longer be held captive to the flat iron, and would do as it pleased. I was *this close* to Sinead O’Connoring the whole thing just to be done with it. But instead of buzzing it off, I just…stopped trying. 

Lo and behold, waves. Curls. Dry and dehydrated, but they were still there. What on earth to do with them? So, I internet-stumbled upon Lorraine Massey’s Curly Girl: The Handbook and fell down a deep, dark rabbit hole.

It felt complicated. I grew frustrated. But with time and consistency, I cracked the code, with modifications that worked for wavy hair. Then I decided to help others do the same. I created real life+curly girl on Instagram and YouTube, but it wasn’t enough. My audience grew to nearly 150k subscribers (to my surprise), but I longed for personal interaction—to really see the hands-on, tangible difference I might make.

Here I am, many years after that first Instagram post, in my studio salon as txture+studio, and offering education on-demand. I’m also thrilled to now offer in-person and virtual education to salons, stylists, and clients with the goal of spreading the idea that where there’s a frizz, there’s a wave—that can be made beautiful and whole, without a blowout.

This is only the beginning. Watch out, world. 

The wavies are coming. 

Alyson Lupo


Can’t Make it to Texas?

No problem, I got you. That’s why I created the only online learning space just for wavies. We wavies are the proud owners of a misunderstood texture. The world makes having wavy hair seem so…complicated.  But, no more. I’m here to make understanding your waves simple. Like it was always meant to be. Here are the classes currently available.

Low Density Love

My Low Density Love class was wavy overdue: The hair industry and social media, together, have long glorified high density as the societal norm, and only acceptable standard. It’s time the world sees those with less density for as just as beautiful, unique, and complete as someone with higher density.

This mini-class will give you the know-how and confidence you need to rock your lower density wavy hair. I’ll teach you how to expand and maximize your density with the right products, techniques, and cut for your unique hair.  As always, this is an on-demand, professionally shot video class complete with close-up visuals and Q&A between me and my model. The accompanying 29-page printable workbook expands on class learnings and gives you a place to record your own notes and progress.

The Wavy Experience Masterclass 

What should a wavy’s salon experience look like? Take an in-depth, 2-hour peek inside a wavy’s new-client experience—like you’re right there with us. Absorb her questions, my answers.  See every angle, up close. Watch over and over, pause/rewind, as often as you like.

And, hint hint, any of these courses could be gifted to the mystery-haired loved ones in your life…who may not even know they’re a wavy (this isn’t uncommon). See you there.

Salon Appointment FAQs

How should I wear my hair for an appointment?

Your hair should be clean and dry, and styled as you would normally wear it. Washday or day two hair is preferable. Please do not come with your hair in a messy bun or ponytail.

I specialize in dry cutting, so being able to see your hair as you wear it (yes, product and all!) gives me the ‘roadmap’ I need to sculpt your new shape to its best potential. 

How do I make an appointment?

All booking is done online at Vagaro.com. I highly recommend downloading the app. Appointments are offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If nothing is available, please add yourself to my Vagaro waitlist. Those on the waitlist will be notified immediately via email when a cancellation matches your waitlist availability. First to book gets the appointment. 

What Is your cancellation policy?

I understand life can be unpredictable, but respectfully request your appointment be canceled at least 48 hours in advance. If less than 48-hour notice or a no-show, 100% of the service value will be collected. This fee is due before any future reservations can be made.

Where are you located?

You can find txture+studio in North Dallas, Texas:

City Suites Salon & Spas
15203 Knoll Trail Drive, suite 412

When you walk in the building, take an immediate left and follow the hallway around for two rights. You’ll find me right there on the corner. No twists and turns here – just a rectangle-shaped building. You can’t get lost, promise!

Do you do color and lightening services?

I am not currently accepting new color clients, but can recommend a few fantastic color specialists based on your needs.

Do you accept product returns?

This question only comes up very rarely. I can’t think of a single independent stylist who accepts returns. In a business as small as one like mine, product returns are not something I’m able to accept. But if you’re feeling disappointed in the performance of the products I’ve ‘prescribed’ for your hair, please bring them to your next appointment and we will troubleshoot!

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