Low Density Love

Be Confident

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A Salon-Based Cutting & Styling Class, From Alyson Lupo

Love Your Low Density Waves

If you’re a lower-density wavy-curly who dreams of layers and movement and va-va-volume in your hair, this class is for YOU!

If you’re a stylist who’s been told layers on your lower density clients are a big no-no, let’s revisit that! I’ll show you what’s possible and you watch my model’s hair totally transform.

After this class, you’ll absolutely fall in love with low density waves.

The secret? It’s all about creating expansion and maximizing all available density—using products that hydrate and thicken the hair and nourish the scalp, techniques that add movement, and a customized, layered cut tailored to your/your clients’ unique hair and preferred style.

When you know how something works, you can make it work for you.

Your hair is no different.

Now dive on in, change that low-density outlook, and change your life!



Welcome to Low Density Love!

So, a funny little story on the name…For the longest time, I was planning to name this class something completely boring, like Low Density Hair Care…but then I woke up one morning thinking about how my low density clients are truly some of my most favorite people. Like, I really LOVE them. And so, Low Density Love was born, truly out of a place of deep affection and care for my lower density clients.

I hope you feel that as you make your way through this class.

Low-density success is found at the intersection of your cut, product selection and styling technique.

Course FAQs

Will I learn how to cut my own hair in this class?

You can absolutely watch, learn, and experiment using these cutting and layering techniques at home with shears or a guarded razor. I have several students who have, and have been thrilled with their results! Be on the lookout for my DIY Touchup Trim class, coming soon. It will not include the added consultation and styling components I teach in Low Density Love.

What will I learn about styling lower density hair?

This is perhaps my favorite part of this class. Learning how to create defined volume and an expanded shape in lower density hair has everything to do with your cut, its layers, choosing cleansing and styling products that support your texture and density, and styling techniques that help lower density hair look fuller. We’ll do it all, with a sprinkle of self-love real-talk mixed right in.

I'm not a stylist. Is this class for me?

Yes, yes, and YES. Having been a consumer of hair appointments for most of my life, I design most of my classes with the wavy consumer in mind, but any hairdresser interested in understanding wavy hair—especially lower density wavy hair—would benefit from the lessons taught in this class. I keep the language easy to understand, I help you understand the ‘why’  behind your hair, and the in-depth workbook goes a step further to ensure you’re learning in the way that works best for you.

What Does The Course Cover?


It’s a lot of listening. Asking the right questions. We’ll talk wants and wishes, wins and fails, setbacks, routine, lifestyle, scalp health.

All while keeping simplicity in mind and expectations in check.


We’ll talk hair history. Growth goals. Shape.Study her scalp and growth patterns. Curl patterns. And then create a style tailored to her needs and wants.

She’ll be surprised at what her hair can do.


The cornerstone of styling begins at the shampoo bowl.

Here, we identify whether we should clarify, introduce a gentler cleanser or non-foaming cleanser, and how much conditioning her hair needs.


Rake? Smooth? Praying hands? Squish? Scrunch? Plop

Myriad community-created terms are thrown around in the wavy world. Well discuss what these terms mean and which will help you achieve certain end results.

” I didn’t know my hair could do this! “

Spoiler Alert!

Root Clipping is a Must

Learn how step-by-step in Low Density Love

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