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Yes, I have a few favorite brands…and time and again, they prove the most effective.

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Your hair is part of your life story—that’s what this little company seeks to honor. They’re anti-detergent, and it turns out their cowashes are really, really good, and completely biodegradable. Their styling products are stellar. Combine that with clean ingredients, aluminum bottles you can top off endlessly with their refill subscription program and BAM you’ve just reduced your plastic consumption by 91%. Faves: New Wash Original, Undressed, Hair Balm, Powder. I reach for this line when my clients need a more moisturizing cleanser, and when I’m trying to enhance curl.


When I use these products, I think to myself, how did they manage to do it? Because this indie brand checks EVERY box. Clean, good-for-you ingredients, thoughtfully and carefully harvested to be supportive of people and planet. Beautiful glass bottles that are infinitely recyclable. Sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging. Contributions that make them essentially carbon negative, zero impact. Oh yeah, and styling products that are just incredible. Faves: Setspray, Tonik, Jelly, Balm, Style. I tend to reach for this line when I’m trying to create a voluminous, beachy look on my clients.

Innersense Organic Beauty

This beautiful brand has been part of my wavy-curly experience from the very beginning. They were the first salon-quality products I ever bought myself, and they’ve since become a staple for me. Pure, clean, organic ingredients, from a company who’s just been certified plastic-neutral, among other earth- and human-respecting achievements. Faves: I Create Definition foam, their Scalp Scrub, I Create Lift foam, I Create Volume gel, and their shampoos and conditioners are fantastic. I reach for this line when my client is after definition, shine, and long-lasting hold.

Hair RePear

When frizz is enemy #1, the Hair RePear Ultimate Hair Towel comes to the rescue. Regular towels, and even microfiber, have all those loops. Those loops create more surface area that can not only snag your hair, causing frizz, but also absorb too much water from your hair too quickly, destroying your definition and causing…you guessed it—frizz. This t-shirt towel’s smooth surface keeps your hair hydrated and prevents all that hydration from dripping down your back. Best for definition seekers and those with high porosity/always dry hair. Use code reallifecurlygirl10 to save 10%.

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Recommended Products

The catch-all place to find lots of my favorites, hair-related or otherwise. I’ve found some really great things over the years. I’ve returned a lot, too. (I’m probably on a list somewhere…) Those didn’t make the cut. The products you see in all these categories are definitely tried and tested—and they really pass the test.

Strong+High Density Faves

Strong/coarse and high density hair needs moisture and control for long lasting waves and curls.

Fine/Low Density Faves

Fine hair need shoring up for achieve its full potential. These are my must-haves.

Frizz Flow Chart Faves!

Frizz is frustrating. Let my Frizz Flow Chart guide you to diagnose your frizz, then shop my tried and true favorite product solutions here on Amazon.

Shop My Shelf: Not on Amazon.

Some of my favorite products just can’t be found on Amazon (inconvenient, but can I get an Amen?). Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse, for example, makes the best leave-in conditioner I’ve found. I also adore his Hydrate Me deep treatment. Lots of curated good things here: Haircare, skincare, makeup, and some of my favorite supplements.

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