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Wavy-curly hair is different. But stick with me. I’ll show you the ins and outs, make it easy and fun, and I promise you, you’ll honor and love your waves more than you ever thought possible.

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Growing up, I hated my hair. Layering made it worse. Bangs made it awful. It was ‘poofy’ in all the wrong places. In high school, it became frizzy and flyaway. Was everyone else’s hair this frustrating? Fast forward to my 40’s: I cracked the curly ‘code,’ with modifications that worked working for me, but also for others—even across the world! Today, as a professional curl specialist, I’m thrilled at the opportunity to teach fellow stylists, salon staff, and clients via in-person and virtual education, that waves and curls can be made beautiful and whole, without a blowout.

Alyson Lupo


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Alyson Lupo, aka real life+curly girl, professional curl specialist and educator

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Virtual Learning — At Your Own Pace

Wavy Experience Master Class

In this virtual class, we’ll talk about it all. Stylists and clients alike will enjoy an in-depth peek into a wavy’s new client appointment, including a detailed consultation that covers her goals, current routine, lifestyle, and more.

We’ll craft a wave-enhancing cut, layering in a way that makes the most of her texture and works with her density. Then we’ll cleanse, condition and style—with a detailed talk on product selection—leveraging both volume and definition techniques to find that perfect balance, creating lifestyle hair that’s easy to re-create at home. 

Low Density Love

Do you just have less hair to work with, or wish you had more volume? Or are you a hairdresser whose frustrated, low-density clients are feeling hopeless about their hair?

I’m here to help you maximize, accept, and (maybe even??) fall in love with low density waves. Here’s to the lightbulb moments you’re about to experience. Watch this one-hour class at your own pace to learn the most effective ways to cut, layer, style, and ultimately maximize lower density, wavy hair. 

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Experience your own a-ha moments as Alyson teaches on live models, who are also her clients.

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Schedule a personalized, live, virtual one-on-one or stylist Q&A with Alyson Lupo.

IRL Transformations

In-person one-on-one sessions for you, you and a friend, your child. Bring on the wavy-curly clientele!

What They're Saying!

“I couldn’t recommend Alyson more highly. I feel so much more confident to look after and style my hair. You are a great listener and explain things so clearly and have so much knowledge. I also felt extremely comfortable to ask questions. Thank you so much.”

Merida W.

“Alyson is a true professional with a heart of gold! She is so knowledgeable on how to manage curly/wavy hair and I loved learning the science behind how products work and why. She gave me a fabulous cut and we had so much fun during my appointment. I cannot wait to see her again!”

Jessica G.

“Hands down the best hair cut I’ve ever had! I loved getting to know everything that was going on through the entire appointment. Alyson is personable, wonderful, kind, and very attentive to what you want specifically. I will be going back to Alyson every time.”

Julia S.

"I'm learning so much about hair! Loving the company of these two extremely knowledgeable professionals. Best source of wavy hair knowledge, ever."


“Absolute gem! Alyson is a fabulous hair “doctor” for wavy hair.”

Lauren P.

“Alyson is amazing. She’s the perfect combination of curl scientist and artist.”

Mandy W.

"Your content is so different...deep, empowering and laid back at the same time. It's not just about hair."


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News, Thoughts, & Insights from Alyson

Goodbye, Unattainable Standards

Goodbye, Unattainable Standards

Hi friend! Hello, hello! How's your summer been? Oh, and your spring? Have you done anything fun? Anything life-changing?? We took a major road trip...

Focus: Wavy Gets Easy in 2024

Focus: Wavy Gets Easy in 2024

Dear wavy-curly friend,  I was awakened by a tap-tap on my wrist this morning, my Apple watch nudging me to get up and move. Why in the world...

HELP! My Curls Look Stringy. What Do I Do?

HELP! My Curls Look Stringy. What Do I Do?

Stringy curls or waves? Tell me about it. But fret not, we’ve all been there—and I have solutions for you that are easily doable. 

Stringy curls—where you end up with a head full of skinny curls instead of the big chunky curl families…

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You Deserve A Session

It’s just a drive or flight away! Located in Dallas, Alyson’s salon space offers a relaxing environment where you and your waves and curls are taken to the next level. With her focus on hair health, dry curl-cutting, and clean, custom hair care routines, you’ll leave with your best hair yet—and the education to recreate your look at home. Alyson’s space can also accommodate up to 5 stylists for education opportunities on a live model. You can find Alyson in City Suites Salon & Spa in North Dallas, conveniently located off the Dallas North Tollway.