The Wavy Experience

Master Class

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Today, wavy hair is everywhere.

And she doesn’t want a blow out.

Have waves?

Clients with waves?

Then you’re going to want to see this.

From consultation and cut to cleanse and style…

The Wavy Experience will teach you easy-to-follow sciencey basics of caring for your wavy hair.

It’s a sneak peek into a wavy’s salon experience in my studio. You’ll learn how her cut, products and techniques come together—simply—for that perfect balance of volume and definition.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it for you.




In this virtual class, we’ll talk about it all.

Enjoy a sneak peek at an in-depth consultation that covers her goals, current routine, lifestyle, and more.

We’ll craft a wave-enhancing cut, layering in a way that makes the most of her texture and density.

Then we’ll cleanse, condition and style—with an in-depth talk on product selection—leveraging both volume and definition techniques to find that perfect balance for truly lived-in hair.

Bonus! Face-to-face Zooms. Several times each year, Alyson will offer a live Q&A session exclusive to Wavy Experience Masterclass students. Be on the lookout for the next session offering.

What Does The Course Cover?


It’s a lot of listening. Asking the right questions. We’ll talk wants and wishes, wins and fails, setbacks, routine, lifestyle, scalp health.

All while keeping simplicity in mind and expectations in check.


We’ll talk hair history. Growth goals. Shape.Study her scalp and growth patterns. Curl patterns. And then create a style tailored to her needs and wants.

She’ll be surprised at what her hair can do.


The cornerstone of styling begins at the shampoo bowl.

Here, we identify whether we should clarify, introduce a gentler cleanser or non-foaming cleanser, and how much conditioning her hair needs.


Rake? Smooth? Praying hands? Squish? Scrunch? Plop

Myriad community-created terms are thrown around in the wavy world. Well discuss what these terms mean and which will help you achieve certain end results.

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