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The First DIY Class From Alyson Lupo

Live Filming – Friday, Dec. 8, 8pm CST

It’s time to take your waves and curls into your own hands. YOU can do this, really!

In this one-time-only, live Zoom session,* I’m finally delivering on my number-one requested class: DIY.

“Don’t be afraid of your hair” has been my mantra to you for almost a decade. I want you to feel it in your bones. To deeply be truly unafraid, while at the same time, to know how and where to exercise caution and restraint when cutting. To know that a little bit goes a long way.

Your hair is part of you. You deserve to understand it, to appreciate it, and to be able to care for it in all the ways it needs. That includes shaping it up.

I’ll show you how, and I’ll guide you through it.

This is going to be life-changing.



In this live session, we’ll DIY a bit of everything.

Oh yes, we’re going to cut our hair, together, you and me. I’ll guide you, bit by bit, through your fringe, face framing, layers, and even a dusting on your ends. 

You’ll feel empowered, knowing how to quickly shape up your own hair in a pinch. You’ll feel confident, when you get compliments on your ‘new’ fringe. You’ll feel self-reliant, with your sharp shears in your bathroom drawer.

Warning: It’s addictive. I advise restraint. Maybe keep those shears somewhere a little less convenient after all…

Note, this is not a whole transformation cut situation. It’s rare that, even as a hairdresser, I cut anything at the back of my head. I leave that to the pros. This class is not designed to replace your hairdresser. 

This class will teach you basic skills you can use as needed. When you don’t quite need an all-over trim or major shape change, or when your hairdresser is booked out for the holidays. For when your fringe is hanging in your eyes, your layers aren’t laying where they should, and your face frame isn’t quite framing anymore. We’re talking trimming centimeters. Quarters of inches. 

Every hairdresser knows the huge difference a little touch-up can make. And now, so will you.

The biggest mistake people make is cutting too much. Using too much tension. Not enough elevation. You’ll learn it all this in the class.

Here’s to your new skills that will serve you for years to come.

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