Focus: Wavy Gets Easy in 2024

Dec 30, 2023

Dear wavy-curly friend, 





I was awakened by a tap-tap on my wrist this morning, my Apple watch nudging me to get up and move. Why in the world did I ever start sleeping in this thing? We’ve reached the very end of the biggest lull of the year—that magical, quiet, reflective week between Christmas and the start of a new year—and all I wanted to do was sleep in, buried in the cocoon of my covers.





Isn’t that all we want, to just stay comfortable? Sometimes, oftentimes, we really need that. And we should absolutely give in to it. 





Rest without guilt, I’m learning (as a former journalist and executive communicator, it ain’t easy), is crucial.





For me, however, today was not that day. I’ve given into several of those comfortable, lazy days already over the last holiday week. And as soon as that wrist tap-tap woke me, my mind started going. My body begging for a chilly morning walk. Time to walk, and to think.





My defining word for 2023 was Value. I loved it, because what a thought-provoking, multi-faceted word. Throughout the year, I’d ask myself if what I was doing aligned with my values. If what I was creating would create value for others and for myself. If and how I was valued in or added value to my relationships. Whether my contributions or presence were valuable, given the setting. 





It was an eye-opening, sometimes heavy word to carry around with me, and I admit it, I didn’t always like what I learned. Learning—being stretched, expanding, growing—can be uncomfortable. It can challenge you in ways you don’t expect. 





The funny thing is, you almost always come out better in the end. Honed. More knowledgeable. In control. Free.  










So for 2024, I’m choosing Transformation as my first guiding word—to serve you, and me—and Focus as my second, a personal torch to see my transformative ideas through.





Transformation is the heart of every focused experience I create for you:





  • All of my classes on this brand-new website: The Wavy Experience Masterclass, to Low Density Love, to my DIY Touch-up Trim Class, and others on the horizon
  • Virtual or in-person one-on-one sessions
  • Curated products that will springboard your success
  • My anti-frizz-focused book, due out this year(!!!)





Because when my clients are successful—when they tell me their waves and curls have become effortless, when they know the words to use when talking with their stylists, when their confidence grows, when they look in the mirror and notice they’ve transformed…I know every bit of pain and beauty and utter magic that made it all possible. 





The learning, stretching, expanding, growing. 





And the freedom that follows.





I’m beyond grateful to have had you to talk curls and waves with in 2023. To bring you classes and content, share ideas and expertise, trials and successes. Watching you grow is the most powerful inspiration.





What a gift you are.





I’d love to hear back from you. What’s on your mind for 2024? What are your goals and hopes and resolutions? How do you hope to transform your curls in 2024? Your goals are my mission. Leave your comments below to let me know. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.





Cheers to 2024, friend. May it be your best, most transformative year yet.





Sending you light and love and everything good,







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