Learn At Your Own Pace

Waves & Curls Can Be Easy

Wavy Experience Masterclass

2 hours 30 minutes

DIY Touch Up Trim

Live class

It’s time to take your waves and curls into your own hands. YOU can do this, really!

In this one-time-only, live Zoom session,* I’m finally delivering on my number-one requested class: DIY.

“Don’t be afraid of your hair” has been my mantra to you for almost a decade. I want you to feel it in your bones. To deeply be truly unafraid, while at the same time, to know how and where to exercise caution and restraint when cutting. To know that a little bit goes a long way.

Your hair is part of you. You deserve to understand it, to appreciate it, and to be able to care for it in all the ways it needs. That includes shaping it up.

I’ll show you how, and I’ll guide you through it.

This is going to be life-changing.

Wavy Experience Masterclass

For stylists, salons, & clients

Have waves? Clients with waves? Then you’re going to want to see this. From consultation and cut to cleanse and style…we cover it ALL. So you’ll know what to do with this hair type, too.

The Wavy Experience teaches in-depth but easy-to-follow sciencey principles of caring for wavy hair.

It’s a sneak peek into a wavy’s salon experience in my studio. You’ll learn how her cut, product selections, styling techniques, and long-term curl care come together —simply—for that perfect balance of volume and definition.

You’ll walk away with an extensive knowledge of wavy-curl hair care, start to finish. It’s the class you never knew you desperately needed to understand this hair type.

Enjoy, my wavy warrior,

Low Density Love

For Clients

Do you just have less hair to work with, and wish you had more volume?

Or are your lower-density clients feeling frustrated and hopeless about their hair?

I’m here to help you maximize, accept, and (maybe even!) fall in love with low-density waves.

The secret? It’s all about expansion and maximizing every hair—using products that hydrate and thicken the hair, encourage texture, nourish the scalp, and a layered cut tailored to your unique hair and style. Yes, she can have LAYERS!

I always say, if you know how something works, then you can learn how to make it work for you.

Your hair is no different. Let’s do this, together!

Enjoy, my wavy warrior, Alyson

Education FAQs

Will I learn how to cut my own hair in this class?

You can absolutely watch, learn, and experiment using these cutting and layering techniques at home with shears or a guarded razor. I have several students who have, and have been thrilled with their results! Side note: Watch for my upcoming DIY Touchup Trim class, coming soon.

What will I learn about styling wavy curly hair?

This is perhaps my favorite part of this class. Learning how to create defined volume and an expanded shape in lower density hair has everything to do with your cut, its layers, choosing cleansing and styling products that support your texture and density, and styling techniques that help lower density hair look fuller. We’ll do it all, with a sprinkle of self-love real-talk mixed right in.

I'm a stylist / I'm a client - Are these classes for me?

Yes, yes, and YES. Having been a consumer of hair appointments for most of my life, I design most of my classes with the wavy consumer in mind, but any hairdresser interested in understanding wavy hair—especially lower density wavy hair—would benefit from the lessons taught in this class. I keep the language easy to understand, I help you understand the ‘why’  behind your hair, and the in-depth workbook goes a step further to ensure you’re learning in the way that works best for you.

What They're Saying!

“I couldn’t recommend Alyson more highly. I feel so much more confident to look after and style my hair. You are a great listener and explain things so clearly and have so much knowledge. I also felt extremely comfortable to ask questions. Thank you so much.”

Merida W.

“Alyson is a true professional with a heart of gold! She is so knowledgeable on how to manage curly/wavy hair and I loved learning the science behind how products work and why. She gave me a fabulous cut and we had so much fun during my appointment. I cannot wait to see her again!”

Jessica G.

“Hands down the best hair cut I’ve ever had! I loved getting to know everything that was going on through the entire appointment. Alyson is personable, wonderful, kind, and very attentive to what you want specifically. I will be going back to Alyson every time.”

Julia S.

"I'm learning so much about hair! Loving the company of these two extremely knowledgeable professionals. Best source of wavy hair knowledge, ever."


“Absolute gem! Alyson is a fabulous hair “doctor” for wavy hair.”

Lauren P.

“Alyson is amazing. She’s the perfect combination of curl scientist and artist.”

Mandy W.

"Your content is so different...deep, empowering and laid back at the same time. It's not just about hair."


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