Dry Air Dry Hair

Defy the Weather

A Virtual Fast-Class,
From Alyson Lupo

Hydrated hair—everywhere, any time of year

Let’s say it’s winter…

When the routine you’ve been following—successfully!—for the last few months stops working, it’s time to change things up, with clarity, in the simplest, most effective way possible.

Let’s say you live in the Sahara Desert…

Or just somewhere it maybe doesn’t rain much, and dry hair and a tight scalp are the names of your game, always. It’s time to start thinking in terms of layers of moisture and hydration, stat.

You’re here to receive the gift of shiny, bouncy waves, everywhere, any time of year. And I’m here to deliver!

Yes, I’ve been wearing my waves for seven solid years. But I’ve also been a professional curl coach, helping literally thousands of clients, for nearly five of those. And my superpower? I’m genius at creating solutions for just about every wavy hair problem.

Stylist friend: In this class, I give you the words and resources to teach your clients, along with product pairings to increase your product and service sales. Wavy hair can be just as amazing in dry environs as it is every other time of year. We both know that to be true!

Wavy friend: I’m giving you the tools and tips to transform your waves to the shiny, delicious, juicyyyy curvy things they are meant to be, year-round, wherever you live.

Let’s make this happen!

Beautifully soft, shiny waves are 100% doable—without the overwhelm.
Let me *show* you how.

Course FAQs

Help me with my dry waves!

Your hair—even in the driest conditions—doesn’t need to be difficult! Shiny, hydrated hair IS totally doable, with clarity and without overwhelm. A few tweaks here and there…I’ll show you how!

Who is this class for?

This class is for the wavy-curly woman (or man!) who is READY for an easy dry air/winter hair care routine THAT WORKS. My easy-to-follow workbook is full of recommendations, photos, product links, and helpful tips that come alive in the accompanying 30-minute video class that takes it all several steps further to SHOW you how beautifully SIMPLE your winter waves can be.

What will I learn in this class?

Keeping your hair moisturized in dry conditions isn’t difficult, it just takes intention. Hydration, conditioners, styler swaps, and water prevention methods are the foundation of this class. Straighforward, easy, effective.

What is included with my purchase?

Your purchase of Dry Air Dry Hair gives you unlimited, lifetime access to a 30-minute professionally filmed video and 20-page workbook. The class was filmed in 4K, making it crystal clear to see exactly what I’m doing on my model, and the impact these products and techniques make. Closed captions make it accessible to everyone. The workbook contains beautiful images and provides a deeper dive into the video contents. It also outlines the video content, but also includes worksheets for you to experiment and record your own successes as you pursue hydrated waves, even in the driest of environments.

Got questions? We have answers.

Reach out any time! We’re here glad to help: alyson@alysonlupo.com.

Deep condition. Just do it.
It will make your dry-weather
waves their absolute best.

Dry Hair? Not here.

Turns out, dry air doesn’t have to mean dry hair. After taking this quick and easy class, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do and what to use to easily make your waves their BEST—on vacations, seasonal shifts, and/or dealing with the ins and outs of living in a persistently dry environment.


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