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Alyson Lupo

A Fascination With Texture

Hi, I’m Alyson Lupo. I created my persona, real life+curly girl, at a time when I finally didn’t hate my hair anymore. 

I always knew I had ‘frizzy’ hair. ‘Poofy’ hair. Sound familiar? I knew there were wavy-curly shapes in there, but they were easy to blow out…until I had two little girls. After that, my hair decided it would no longer be held captive to the flat iron, and would do as it pleased. I was *this close* to Sinead O’Connoring the whole thing just to be done with it. But instead of buzzing it off, I just…stopped trying. 

Lo and behold, waves. Curls. Dry and dehydrated, but they were still there. What on earth to do with them? So, I internet-stumbled upon Lorraine Massey’s Curly Girl: The Handbook and fell down a deep, dark rabbit hole.

Alyson Lupo


What They're Saying!

“I couldn’t recommend Alyson more highly. I feel so much more confident to look after and style my hair. You are a great listener and explain things so clearly and have so much knowledge. I also felt extremely comfortable to ask questions. Thank you so much.”

Merida W.

“Alyson is a true professional with a heart of gold! She is so knowledgeable on how to manage curly/wavy hair and I loved learning the science behind how products work and why. She gave me a fabulous cut and we had so much fun during my appointment. I cannot wait to see her again!”

Jessica G.

“Hands down the best hair cut I’ve ever had! I loved getting to know everything that was going on through the entire appointment. Alyson is personable, wonderful, kind, and very attentive to what you want specifically. I will be going back to Alyson every time.”

Julia S.

"I'm learning so much about hair! Loving the company of these two extremely knowledgeable professionals. Best source of wavy hair knowledge, ever."


“Absolute gem! Alyson is a fabulous hair “doctor” for wavy hair.”

Lauren P.

“Alyson is amazing. She’s the perfect combination of curl scientist and artist.”

Mandy W.

"Your content is so different...deep, empowering and laid back at the same time. It's not just about hair."


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